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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Moving House

Disconnected Jottings has come to the end of it's useful life.  It was the story of my journey from Atheism to Orthodoxy.  I don't plan on posting to it again, but I don't plan on deleting the articles either.
However, I am about to start a new web log to help me get my head round the new ideas I discover as I go deeper in orthodoxy.  It's called Epektasis.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Holy Orthodoxy

This will be just a short post to bring things up to date.
As you will know, if you have followed this blog from it's beginnings in October 2009, I have been moving gradually to Holy Orthodoxy.  Well, in January during Theophany, I asked Fr John to prepare me for formal acceptance into the Orthodox communion.  Since then I have been attending Divine Liturgy every Sunday and, during Great Lent, one or two services of Matins or Vespers during the week.
I was formally accepted as a catechumen on Sunday 7th February, incidentally the feast of my patron saint Richard of Wessex (+722), and my 60th birthday.
The plan was to be chrismated at the Paschal Liturgy, but in the end I had last minute concerns during the intensity of Holy Week, and I was actually chrismated on The Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, May 2nd 2010.
So now I can truly say that I have arrived at the beginning....

Love in Christ,